“A little Introduction….”

Hey! Here I am to introduce myself…not only myself but you, me and everyone else around us whom we call “Human Beings”.

I really believe that God has not made this universe more complex than us! There resides a little selfish universe inside us which is far more difficult to undedstand than the real one..

So, what are the features which are almost common in all of us?

Yes! You guessed wrong, its not only our 2 hands, legs and body but the things which are more bizarre and little useless.

Here I present a recipe of a “normal” human being

  • 100 cups EGO
  • 80 bowls GREED
  • 60 cups ANGER
  • 40 packs of hatred
  • 20 g FEAR
  • 0 spoons of love ! 

Keep the ingridients in society for 16-20 years and you will get a fresh..







I know that sounds little rude.Perhaps I have overexaggerated things and it doesn’t apply to all but for most of us it does..this is reality, a sad reality which tells us that to survive in this hazardous world with a pure heart is nearly impossible.

I am sure this human recipe would taste better if we replace the ingredients and have a spoonful of love,care and understanding.

Hope for a better and bright future!


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